Simply yet Perfect Knife Set


Wusthof Classic 6-Piece Chef Knife Set

Don’t like those knife blocks that come with unnecessary knives? Me too. Check out the Wusthof Classic 6-Piece Chef Knife Set. This set comes with only the essential knives needed and this knives set is simple as well as it comes in a sleek black box.

The Knives
You get a 3-inch paring knife, 9-inch carver, 8-inch chef’s knife, 8-inch bread knife, and 5-inch boning knife. These knives were designed for any situation. They are a one piece stainless steel tool that has been forged to produce accurate slices every single time.

I remember my first time holding the chef knife. It was perfect in my hand. The weight throughout the whole knife was very-balanced and the handle fit perfectly in my small hands. The edge of the blade is very sharp. Even after two years, they’re still razor sharp. Of course you have to take good care of them. For example, drying after washing and also sharpening at the local knife sharpening service.

What are you waiting for? Buy yourself a chef knife set before it gets out of stock.

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