My Best Attempt at Cooking

It was always my wife cooking for me every dinner so I attempted to surprise her by learning how to cook while she was at work. First thing I did was to find out what cookware materials are all about since they are vital in the cooking process. I thought it was a piece of cake since there is a video on YouTube and you just have to follow the instructions. It turns out it is easier said than done as the duration of the video on YouTube does not always match the time it takes for you to cook the food. Besides, the guys making those videos have been cooking for a long time so they have all the right to produce videos that teach cooking. When I played the video, it turns out I was not able to place the ingredients at the right places. I tried to cook Roast Chicken with Corn and Carrots. It sounds easy but not for me since I am just a beginner at this.


All the things that could possibly go wrong did go wrong so you can say it was not exactly my night. The chicken was not cooked that well as I tried tasting it myself. I also chopped the carrots into horrible proportions. I ended up bleeding when I messed up grating the corn too. It turned out to be a terrible experience and I would not think of doing it again. I ended up wasting money on the ingredients but at least I learned my lesson on not doing something I am not good at. Now I believe those people who say to leave everything to the professionals. You can never tell what is going to happen when you attempt something you are not really good at. It is a good thing my wife never found out about that disaster. I will recommend you to consider a stainless steel cookware if you’re planing to buy one, this site might be helpful for you.


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