How I Have Been Able To Make A Living From Selling Rice In Campus

Soon after my admission letter for joining college came, I was sure about one thing. My parents having struggled to see me through high school, life in college was not going to be easy and I needed to think on how I was going to make extra money to supplement my tuition and pocket money. I talked to my mom about my new fears and she brushed them all aside but advised that I could start a small business in within the campus. The best part, she was going to support me in any way if need be. It was after two days that I made up my mind; I was great cook when it came to cooking rice and I knew that was going to be the perfect opportunity to put my skill into reality. I talked to my mom about it and she gave me a go ahead. I was going to start cooking rice in my campus room and start selling it to my friends.

Three days in campus and everything was set to go; I had talked to the college administration and they agreed. All I needed was one of the best rice cookers. On that same day, as I was looking for the best rice cooker on the internet and any other available resource such as Frontera Cooking, I bumped into the best electric rice cooker review and from what I saw I felt in love with the cooker. To cut the story short, it is now over three months since I started selling cooked rice within campus and the business is doing marvelous. My well cooked rice has seen me fetch quite a good amount of money every day. I am overwhelmed by the number of customers I receive on any give day. In fact, I am planning to bring in two other rice cookers to supplement what I have.

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