Bought A Bread Maker

Everyone loves the taste of a freshly baked bread. But it is a very tedious job of mixing the ingredients , kneading the flour, proofing it and waiting for it to bake and observing it from time to time. Many people like me do not have the time for doing all these things.

bread machine

Few years ago, I too was following this tedious procedure. But now I am using a baking machine I read many bread maker reviews 2016 for while buying the machine. The main benefit one gets by buying a baking machine is convenience. You just have to measure the ingredients and press some buttons, and then You need not bother about it,it does everything automatically. My machine is a very old model. There are many new and exclusive machines in market now. Once, I got affected by a minor electric shock while removing the baked bread from the machine. And there is an other problem with my machine,it cannot be easily moved from place to place.But my machine has been working very well except for some minor repairs. I have felt a lot of convenience in using it. My machine only bakes bread of a single type and only small loafs.

I have been reading few review for good big baking bread machine, and I have seen that there are many options in the new machines.There are options for different types of bread and larger sizes of loaves. I have also read that the new machines have safety fuses. Thank God, I will not have to bear those electric shocks. It was also impressive that the machines have wheels and secure bases for easy movement. I am planning on selling my old machine and switch to a Zojirushi bread machine with many features.

How I Have Been Able To Make A Living From Selling Rice In Campus

Soon after my admission letter for joining college came, I was sure about one thing. My parents having struggled to see me through high school, life in college was not going to be easy and I needed to think on how I was going to make extra money to supplement my tuition and pocket money. I talked to my mom about my new fears and she brushed them all aside but advised that I could start a small business in within the campus. The best part, she was going to support me in any way if need be. It was after two days that I made up my mind; I was great cook when it came to cooking rice and I knew that was going to be the perfect opportunity to put my skill into reality. I talked to my mom about it and she gave me a go ahead. I was going to start cooking rice in my campus room and start selling it to my friends.

Three days in campus and everything was set to go; I had talked to the college administration and they agreed. All I needed was one of the best rice cookers. On that same day, as I was looking for the best rice cooker on the internet and any other available resource such as Frontera Cooking, I bumped into the best electric rice cooker review and from what I saw I felt in love with the cooker. To cut the story short, it is now over three months since I started selling cooked rice within campus and the business is doing marvelous. My well cooked rice has seen me fetch quite a good amount of money every day. I am overwhelmed by the number of customers I receive on any give day. In fact, I am planning to bring in two other rice cookers to supplement what I have.

Making Your Kitchen Life Simpler with the Best Knives Set

You want everything in the kitchen to be carried out in a certain way, right? There’s a little expert inside everyone who takes care of that part of the house. The trick to bring it out, is by making the kitchen an inviting place, that you actually love spending time in.

Where there is the kitchen, there will be cooking, and where there’s cooking, there will most definitely be knives!
Let me ask you one little question to all kitchen owners; Is there anything more appealing than the best knives set?

What if you had the privilege of using a brand new sharp, and perfectly functioning knife every time you needed to whip up a new dish?

Here’s how that’s possible:

By using an electric knife sharpener! The sad truth about knives, is that even the best kitchen knife set get old! But, let me tell you from my personal experience with them, using a good sharpener will completely eliminate the need to ever say, ‘It served me well while it did’, because it doesn’t need to stop serving you!

Here is a list of the three of my most favorite electric knife sharpeners:

Chefs Choice Model 1520 Angle Select Sharpener– Sharpen knives at 15-20 degrees. It’s actually the preferred angle for many professional chefs. But be careful with this one, as it will sharpen your knife enough to cut anything in sight.

Chefs Choice 130 Professional Sharp Station Knife Sharpener- Extremely easy to handle, with equally good results. Very time effective and very convenient

Wusthof 3 stage electric knife sharpener- Highly elegant looking and extremely effective. Perfect for your expensive silverware. Again! Be careful with a freshly sharpened knife, if you choose to go for this one, because it really knows what its doing.

An electric knife sharpener is a great addition to any kitchen, regardless of its size or the tools used, therein. In case you haven’t used them yet, try it, and you’d be compelled to ask yourself ‘How did I manage without them all this while?’

My Best Attempt at Cooking

It was always my wife cooking for me every dinner so I attempted to surprise her by learning how to cook while she was at work. First thing I did was to find out what cookware materials are all about since they are vital in the cooking process. I thought it was a piece of cake since there is a video on YouTube and you just have to follow the instructions. It turns out it is easier said than done as the duration of the video on YouTube does not always match the time it takes for you to cook the food. Besides, the guys making those videos have been cooking for a long time so they have all the right to produce videos that teach cooking. When I played the video, it turns out I was not able to place the ingredients at the right places. I tried to cook Roast Chicken with Corn and Carrots. It sounds easy but not for me since I am just a beginner at this.


All the things that could possibly go wrong did go wrong so you can say it was not exactly my night. The chicken was not cooked that well as I tried tasting it myself. I also chopped the carrots into horrible proportions. I ended up bleeding when I messed up grating the corn too. It turned out to be a terrible experience and I would not think of doing it again. I ended up wasting money on the ingredients but at least I learned my lesson on not doing something I am not good at. Now I believe those people who say to leave everything to the professionals. You can never tell what is going to happen when you attempt something you are not really good at. It is a good thing my wife never found out about that disaster. I will recommend you to consider a stainless steel cookware if you’re planing to buy one, this site might be helpful for you.